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Monitoring and Evaluation

Monitoring and evaluation of the strategic plan will be done at various levels and built into the institutional structures. M&E will be based on the Logframe approach guided by the overall strategic plan Logframe matrix.

Purpose of M&E

The purpose of the M&E plan will be;

• To Monitor Progress towards achieving targets of the strategic plan

• To Assist in decision making and resource allocation

• To ensure Accountability

• To take corrective measures

• To ensure compliance with the laws/ regulations of the land

M&E division of responsibilities and timing

The responsibilities of M&E are as follows:

 ASPA Members Annual Meeting: shall be involved in monitoring and evaluation once every year through receiving annual reports (programmatic and finance).

• Executive Committee: shall be involved in M&E on a quarterly basis by reviewing ASPA progress reports and finances. It shall also make strategic decisions for organization to be implemented by secretariat.

• Secretariat (Functional Level Staff): will be responsible for day to day monitoring and evaluation. They shall prepare periodic reports including the quarterly and annual reports. The secretariat shall also assign responsibilities for M&E for all other staff,

• Executive Officer: shall be the individual responsible for coordinating M&E in the organization.

Tools for Monitoring and evaluation

The M&E tools that ASPA will use include:

• Checklist: this tool can assist in checking weather inputs, activities and other programme elements are delivered as planned

• Report cards: these tools are used for grading progress and quality of activities, programmes and services

• Pre and post questionnaires: these are used to measure understanding of participants in workshops, trainings and other learning processes. They are applied at the beginning and end of these processes

• Activity MIS tools: these are data collection tools for activities and programmes. They help in compiling data on operational and finance to measure the coverage, quality and cost effectiveness of activities

• Diagnostic surveys to asses client perception on the quality of service offered

• Mid term and annual review: to asses physical and financial performance and approve annual plan and budgets

• Impact assessment (Mid strategic plan period): mission to asses the value for money invested