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Animal Welfare

Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals (ASPA) was founded in 1997 in Arusha, Tanzania and registered in the same year as a nongovernmental organization. The society was formed with the aim of promoting the principles of animal welfare and preventing cruelty to animals.

Over 10 years of Experience

With over 10 years of operations, ASPA has worked to fulfill this mandate by running animal welfare programs such as in schools education programs, rescue and re-homing of animals, donkey and dog clinics, control of stray animals population and engage in the development of legislation to enforce animal welfare. The clinics target poor communities living in rural Arusha and offers free veterinary services such as de-worming, mange treatment, sores treatment, hoof trimming, and rabies vaccines. Basic animal welfare education is also offered during the clinics. This vast experience is one of ASPAs main strengths that will be built upon in ensuring effective delivery of this plan.

Committed and Professional leadership, staff and volunteers.

ASPA has been led by a group of professionals from Tanzania and international experts, who form the board of the organization. These have provided a rich and diverse knowledgebase, dynamic spirit, brought together assorted experiences, skills and information on animal welfare. ASPA has been run on voluntary basis for the greater part of its history, even in the most strenuous funding conditions.

The network has continuously supported the organization by providing their own resources to ensure programmes and initiatives are sustained. This same level of commitment will be put in mobilizing the requisite support and capacity to deliver the results envisaged in this plan.

Commitment to improvement and growth

ASPA has been undertaking an intensive capacity building and reform process. We are committed to making ASPA a stronger and more responsive organization so we can meet the new challenges of animal welfare of today. As part of revitalizing ASPA, this strategic plan has been drawn to guide our programs and aspirations for the next five years.