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Management Plan


The diagram in the Structure link shows how ASPA will be managed. The structure has three levels; Policy and Strategic Decision making, Functional Decisions and Operational levels.

Level 1: Policy and Strategic Decisions;

The AGM will be responsible for approving the strategic plan, annual budgets and plans and review progress annually.

The executive will provide the leadership for the strategic plan. This will include developing/ approving new projects, partnerships, contracts and agreements, quarterly budgets and plans, fundraising.

Level 2: Functional;

This level will be responsible for translating strategic decisions into action plans and budgets, will make programme specific decisions, lead budgeting and planning (monthly, quarterly), be responsible for networking and fundraising, and approving monthly plans and budgets.

Level 3: Operational;

This will be tasked with day to day decisions, programme and project implementation, and implementing activities as directed by decisions made at functional level.

The strategic plan has four key programme areas; Education Outreach, Advocacy, Animal Health Care and Institutional Capacity Building. For the purpose of the plan the programs will be managed as shown in the diagram below




Executive Officer

- Overall lead in strategic plan implementation

- Overall responsible for Planning, reporting and Monitoring and evaluation

- Overall responsible for fundraising

- Overall responsible for coordination between the programs and with executive committee

Education & Advocacy Manager
  - Overall responsible for Education program and Advocacy program
Administration Manager

- Overall responsible for building a stronger organization program

- Overall responsible for administration and financial management

Animal health care manager
  - Overall responsible for animal health care program