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Strategic Goal and Objectives

For the five years period of 2016 – 2020, we aim to strengthen our institutional capacity, expand the variety and coverage of our animal welfare programmes and services in Arusha and ensure sustainability of the results.

Strategic objectives

During the strategic plan period 2016-2020, ASPA will pursue the following strategic objectives in effort to realize its vision and mission;

Provide Animal Welfare education to schools, villages and public in Arusha municipality and rural districts by 2020.

Ensure Animal welfare issues are included in regional district plans and budgets of Arusha from 2016 onwards (enabling the Animal Welfare Act of 2008 and Vet Act No. 16 and 17).

Expand and strengthen the current ASPA healthcare programmes by 2016 and initiate new ones by 2017 with special emphasis on services to rural communities in Arusha.

Build the institutional Capacity of ASPA to deliver the 2016-2020 strategic plan and sustain its outcomes.