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A Word from the Chairperson

It is our pleasures to present to you our strategic plan for the period of years 2016 - 2020. It outlines the aspirations and strategic focus for the period and how we will contribute towards the broader development agenda of Tanzania and Arusha in particular with focus on animal welfare.

The Arusha Society for the Protection of Animals has been operating since 1997 providing a valuable service to the Arusha community in the field of animal welfare. Our services range from animal health care, community mobilization to engagement in improving legislation. These services continue to be important today and need to be expanded and further strengthened which is the purpose of this strategic plan period of 2016- 2020.

The Planning process involved both leaders and staff of ASPA. It also involved members, our partners and other actors to ensure we have a broad based consultation in coming up with relevant priorities. The plan has been developed at a time when the legal and policy environment for animal welfare has improved in Tanzania though the challenge like for many other policies and laws in Tanzania remain on Implementation. We have also seen escalating costs of living due to rising food and fuel prices. The recent economic downturn and the challenges emanating from climate change have increased poverty and pressure to the community we are serving. This often means animal welfare becomes an umpteenth priority and we could see a worsening situation for animals.

For the period of 2016-2020 ASPA has decided to concentrate on strengthening our institutional capacity, expand the variety and coverage of our animal welfare programmes and services in Arusha and ensure sustainability of the results. In doing so we will deliver the following objective;

  • Provide Animal Welfare education to schools, villages and public in Arusha municipality and rural districts by 2020.

  • Ensure Animal welfare issues are included in regional district plans and budgets of Arusha from 2011 onwards (enabling the Animal Welfare Act of 2008 and Vet Act No. 16 and 17).

  • Expand and strengthen the current ASPA healthcare programmes by 2016 and initiate new ones by 2017 with special emphasis on services to rural communities in Arusha.

  • Build the institutional Capacity of ASPA to deliver the 2016-2020 strategic plan and sustain its outcomes.

We express our sincere commitment to this strategic plan. Our staff and volunteers are our source of strength and to them we pledge our unwavering support in implementing the plan. To our partners and collaborators we continue to express our commitment to cooperating with you and work together for the welfare of animals and therefore people of Arusha. Together nothing is impossible.